About the Authors

The Stivers FamilyWe are a married couple with two PhDs in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Our writing is focused on systemic family therapy approaches and strengthening families.  Please contact us with any topic suggestions or questions.

Our blog is not affiliated with or representative of any other professional organization.  We do offer a limited amount of advertising opportunities on our site, but have no official endorsements at this time.

Our mission is simply to create space for open and honest dialogue related to marriage and family therapy.

All abusive comments are not tolerated and will be deleted.  This blog is not a form of psychotherapy.  If you need professional counseling, please seek a qualified therapist.  If you are in crisis, please call 911 or go to a hospital.

We are continually looking for new opportunities to educate and share the benefits of marriage and family therapy with others.  We wish you the best in all of your relationships.

-Ryan & Courtney

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